Toll Road Information – Overview

The Harris County Toll Road Authority system consists of approximately 126 miles of roadway in the Houston / Harris County area.

The Westpark Tollway, Katy Managed Lanes, Tomball Tollway, and the Northeast section of the Sam Houston Tollway are all-electronic tolling facilities. All-electronic tolling means there are no toll booths, and no cash payment is accepted. An EZ TAG or other interoperable Texas toll payment tag is required. Toll payment is due at the time of the transaction. Pay-by-mail is not an option available on toll roads operated by Harris County.

* Permit loads are not allowed on any toll road operated by Harris County.

Tomball Tollway

The Tomball Tollway opened on April 12, 2015 as an all-electronic tollway. All-electronic tolling means drivers must have an EZ TAG or other interoperable Texas toll tag to use the lanes. No cash payment is accepted on this roadway.

The six-mile tollway consists of three toll lanes in each direction along the SH 249 corridor between Spring Cypress Road and FM 2920. The existing frontage road lanes along the tollway remain toll-free.

Katy Managed Lanes

IH10 Toll Sign

The Katy Managed Lanes extend 12 miles from SH 6 to IH 610.  These managed lanes are the four lanes in the middle of IH 10 (two in each direction) that replace the single, reversible HOV lane.

"Managed lanes" refers to a mixed-use facility dedicated to mass transit, high occupancy vehicles (HOV), and also allows for tolling. In this case, METRO vehicles are granted free usage 24-hours a day, and HOVs are granted free usage in both directions of travel during peak times-Monday through Friday, 5am - 11am and 2pm - 8pm.  Single occupancy vehicles (SOV) are allowed to use the lanes 24 hours a day for a toll, which will be charged electronically via an EZ TAG or other interoperable Texas toll payment tag.  During HOV hours, drivers will need to choose their designated lane based on the occupancy of their vehicle. Rates are posted on message boards at all entrances. The lanes serve as an all-electronic tollway for all vehicles (except mass transit) during all other times.  In order to maintain an optimum level of service on the facility at all times, toll rates for the managed lanes are based on time of day, vehicle occupancy and axle count.

The Katy Managed Lanes opened for full operations in April 2009, allowing all vehicles access 24/7 for a toll.  No cash payment is accepted on these lanes.

To learn more about this project visit www.katymanagedlanes.

Sam Houston Tollway

Sam Houston Tollway Sign

The Sam Houston Tollway is currently the outer-most loop encompassing the City of Houston and surrounding areas within Harris County.  The adjacent frontage roads along most of the Sam Houston Tollway, and certain portions of the mainlanes (freeway) that are not tolled are commonly known as the Beltway 8 and fall under TxDOT's jurisdiction.  These non-tolled freeway areas are between IH 45 North and just east of US 59 North, and between US 90 and IH 10 East.  In east Harris County, the Sam Houston Tollway crosses the Houston Ship Channel.  The tolled Ship Channel Bridge connects IH 10 East (Baytown - East Freeway) to SH 225 (La Porte Freeway).  

On Feb. 26, 2011, the 13-mile Sam Houston Tollway Northeast section between US 59 and US 90, opened with all-electronic tolling.  All-electronic tolling means there are no toll booths, and no cash payment is accepted.  An EZ TAG or other interoperable Texas toll payment tag is required.  The opening of the Northeast section completed the circle nearly 23 years after the first section of this toll road opened.  The Sam Houston Tollway spans a distance of 70 miles.

Westpark Tollway

Westpark Tollway Sign

Opened in 2004, the Westpark Tollway spans approximately 19 miles through Harris and Fort Bend Counties. The Westpark Tollway was the nation's first all-electronic roadway providing a barrier-free drive between Houston's Galleria district and Katy, TX. Drivers wishing to use the Westpark Tollway must have an EZ TAG or other interoperable Texas toll payment tag.  No cash payment is accepted on this roadway..

Harris County's segment of the Westpark Tollway (13 miles) begins at I-610 on the east and extends to the county line near FM 1464. The Westpark offers an alternative east-west corridor for West Houston residents with access to US 59 and the Galleria, the Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8) and SH 6.

Harris County does not operate or maintain the Westpark Tollway west of FM 1464.

Hardy Toll Road

Hardy Toll Road Sign

The Hardy Toll Road runs from Interstate 45, north of Houston just below the Harris County line, to Interstate 610, near central Houston. The road generally parallels Interstate 45. Construction of the toll road began in September 1984 and was complete by June 1988. The toll road spans approximately 21 (21.08) miles with an additional 2 miles connecting it to George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The road is named for nearby Hardy Street, which in some areas makes up the frontage roads for the toll road.